Serve at Wesley

Our vision is Seeking the Lost and Sending the Saved. You can’t do that by simply sitting in a pew at worship; you have to get involved. At Wesley we provide a wide range of opportunities for you to jump in and use you gifts to help others truly know God.


Volunteers would be needed for all services and to be in contact with me or to show up at whichever service they would be interested in. 

Time commitment: 1.5 hours a week once a month

Contact:  Chase Cobb (409) 892-7733


Help to welcome and provide hospitality in a variety of ways to all those who come to Wesley on Sunday Mornings.

Time Commitment: 1 hour on Sunday Mornings

Contact: Vernon Pierce (409) 896-2108   

Welcome Team

This team is focused on helping people feel welcomed to the church on Sunday Mornings through greeting people, being present at the Welcome Desk, providing helpful information as needed, taking people to where they need to go, and being mindful of those who are visiting Wesley.  

Time commitment::  1-3 hours on Sunday Mornings

Contact: Pastor Tommy Williams (409) 892-7733 

Sunday School Teachers

If you feel lead to start a new Sunday school class, we would love to have you.

Contact: Pastor Rick Ivey (409) 892-7733 

Small Group Leaders

Small groups are an important way for members to connect and grow. If you are willing to be a small group leader and help facilitate a bible study or class, we can’t wait to get you started.

Contact: Pastor Rick Ivey (409) 892-7733

Wesley Kids Teacher

Faithful adults are needed to guide our children on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings! Our curriculum is very fun to teach and low-prep and you will be making a difference in the next generation. We currently have need during both the 9am and 10:30 Sunday service. 

Contact: Christine Haynes or Morgan Reid (409) 892-7733

Wesley Kids Shepherd

If you want to play a crucial part in the children of our church, but aren’t interested in teaching, we have a place for you! Our Shepherds assist our teachers and children in activities on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

Contact: Christine Haynes or Morgan Reid (409) 892-7733 

Prayer Ministry

Volunteer members meet once a week to sign and pray over cards. Cards are sent out to members who are in the hospital, sympathy, special birthdays (90+), weddings, births, baptism, confirmation, graduation, military and new members.

Time Commitment: Approximately one hour a week

Contact: Church Office (409) 892-7733 

Flower Ministry

The flowers on the alter each Sunday are removed and a volunteer delivers them to hospice or one of the local care centers.

Time Commitment: Approximately 30 minutes a week every Monday or Tuesday

Contact: Sheree Pierce (409) 673-0884

Sitters and Transporters

Sitters provide respite care for families of homebound members.

Time commitment– Approximately 1-2 hours weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly 

Transporters provide rides to doctor’s appointments for members who  are not able to drive. Appointments can be in Beaumont or Houston.

Time Commitment: Approximately 1-4 hours on a rotating basis throughout the year.

Contact: Church Office (409) 892-7733 

Home Bound Ministries

Volunteer shepherds work alongside clergy to ensure our members who cannot attend worship regularly feel a part of the church family and to know that they are not forgotten. Contact can be made through home visits, phone calls, and communion elements.

Time Commitment: Approximately 1-2 hours weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Contact: Church Office (409) 892-7733 

Funeral Meals Ministry

Bereavement teams provide a meal for the family of a deceased member on the day of the funeral. The team will be notified of an upcoming funeral and will need to bring a main dish, sides and desert to the church parlor the day of the funeral. The team is also responsible for set up and clean up of the parlor. Teams will be made up of 4-5  members with one member designated as the lead.

Time Commitment : Approximately 2-4 hours 1 time per quarter rotating between 3-4 teams.

Contact: Church Office (409) 892-7733 

Wesley Day School - School Board

If you are interested in serving on the school board, a 3 year appointment, please contact either Pastor Rick Ivey or the current day school director, Meredith Love. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve the children of the day school and the church community.

Contact: Meredith Love (409) 892-7012 

Chancel Choir

The choirs at Wesley, including our main Chancel Choir, are open to anyone who desires to serve.  The Chancel Choir rehearses at 6:30 PM each Wednesday, and leads during the 10:30AM worship service each Sunday.

Contact: Beth Smith (409) 892-7733 

Praise Team

The praise teams are by audition only and lead during our contemporary services.

Contact: Chase Cobb (409) 892-7733

Events at Wesley

Fall Festival

Our Fall Festival draws over a thousand local residents every year! What a great time to provide hospitality! We need people to decorate their cars for Trunk or Treat, people to hand out candy, those to help with food, carnival games leaders, and set up and tear down crew! What can you do to help serve at this amazing event?

Contact: Church Office (409) 892-7733

Vacation Bible School

VBS is a blast! And not just for kids! Did you know that volunteers work year round to help VBS be the best it can be? From planning, to organizing, to recruiting, there is a place for you!

Contact: Christine Haynes or Morgan Reid (409) 892-7733

Wesley Kids Fundraising Events

Wesley Kids does SO much for the children of Beaumont! Fundraisers are a fun way to get involved and allow all of our amazing ministries to happen!

Contact: Church Office (409) 892-7733


Every year we need a LOT of candy and busy hands to fill and “hide” those eggs! You can help on the day of with games or you can help prior to the event!

Contact: Church Office (409) 892-7733

Missions Garage Sale

Each summer, Wesley hosts a VERY LARGE garage sale. It takes a lot of preparation and work throughout the year to make this event run smoothly and be financially successful to support the missions in our community.

Contact: Church Office (409) 892-7733



Jesus came to give us a joy-filled life, and His example reminds us that serving others is a key part. From rocking babies and mowing grass to leading teams and brewing coffee, every person has gifts to share and resources to give to help build God’s church. We make it easy to jump in and get started.

Other Small Groups

Wednesday Nights from April 17 – May 15

Meal in the Dining Hall at 5:30pm. $6 per entrée and $3 per small plate

Pastor Rick will be teaching a class in the Parlor over 1 & 2 Corinthians at 6:00pm.

Contact the church office at (409)892-7733 with any questions.

Wesley’s Small Groups provide a place for people to belong so they can become who God has called them to be. Going from “rows” on Sunday morning to “circles” during the week helps us create relationships, allows us the opportunity to “do life” together and move from where we are to where God wants us to be. Small Groups are comprised of men and women from all generations who meet throughout the week. They are a place for those who desire to grow, ask questions, and be encouraged when life gets tough. More than just a group of friends, our groups exist to demonstrate and share the love of Jesus by serving our community.

Our groups create new relationships through shared passions, including Bible study topics, common interest groups, men’s, women’s, children’s, and outreach. Contact the church office for more information or join us at the next scheduled meeting! All are welcome.

Heart Sisters-Ladies Bible Study

Thursdays @ 12:00pm (Bride's Room)

Join this group of ladies of all ages to dive deeper into scripture and fellowship over dessert.

Ladies Night Out Bunco

1st Thursdays @ 6:30pm (Parlor)

Have you been looking for a fun new group of friends? Then we have just the thing for you. Join us for some fun, food, and fellowship. We meet in the parlor on the first Thursday of each month. Bring $5 and a snack to share, and ready for fun!

Contact: Delraye Gibson (409) 866-7871

Wesley Bookworms
Ladies Book Club

3rd Tuesdays @ 12:00pm (At the Home of Chris Broussard)

A new book — and a lively discussion — every month, and we eat lunch while we talk! Generally, we meet at a private home, but we venture out occasionally. For the next location or more information (like the name of the current book), get in touch with Elaine.
Contact: Elaine Wikstrom (409) 454-6460 or

Senior Games Day

Every Thursday @ 12:00pm (Parlor)

Join other seniors for games, fellowship, and snacks.

Contact: Rev. Lloyd Betar (409) 656-0547

Bible Studies

Daily Bread
Community Bible Study

January 2024

Starting in January, we are going to read the entire New Testament together in 2024. We will soon make a daily reading schedule available. It will have about one chapter each day and there will be days for you to rest and catch up with your readings for the week as well.

Sermons will be based on some of daily readings from the week before and we hope and pray everyone will participate in some way. We will be using the NRSV translation of the Bible.

Sunday Morning Groups


New Class!

Room 103

Who: Adults who want to study the Bible and grow in their love for Jesus in community with othersDuring Lent, we will focus on the spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, study, confession…).

In the words of Richard J. Foster, “We must not be led to believe that the Disciplines are only for spiritual giants and hence beyond our reach, or only for contemplatives who devote all their time to prayer and meditation. Far from it. God intends the Disciplines of the spiritual life to be for ordinary human beings: people who have jobs, who care for children, who wash dishes and mow lawns.

In fact, the Disciplines are best exercised in the midst of our relationships with our husband or wife, our brothers and sisters, our friends and neighbors.”

Discovery Class


Anyone is welcome each Sunday! 

Seekers Fellowship

Room 106

50+ group who focus on the books of the Bible 

Bible Study Class

Room 104

All are welcome.  Our current focus is on reading the Bible straight through. 

New Beginnings

Room 101

Older adult group always looking for new members. Dedicated to mission work and study a seasonal bible study curriculum. 


New Class!

Room 105

Who: New class for young adults. We are just starting out and would love for you to join us.

Daily Walkers

Room 106

We are a community committed to prayer and fellowship outside of Sunday mornings. On Sundays, we participate in various book studies throughout the year. 

The Way

Room 105

We are a young adult group that enjoys taking a closer look at what it means to live out our faith each and every day. 

Breakfast Club

Youth Room

We are the youth-led Sunday school and we meet over breakfast to discuss the sermon and worship service each week. 

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